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  • (01) London - 11 Jul 2018
  • (02) Birmingham - 17 Jul 2018
  • (03) Manchester - 25 Jul 2018
  • (04) Leeds - 31 Jul 2018
Course Duration:  1 Day

Course Cost:  £285.00 + VAT

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A Masterclass in Effective Communication

You will find with the majority of organisations the main issues and problems they face is “Communication” or a lack of it.  This 1 day Communication Skills training course will teach you the art of effective Communication so you are able to project and articulate your views in the most effective and influential way possible.

Understanding how you communicate with others, as well as how other people use Communication to achieve their goals will help you further develop your personal Communication Style which will lead to improved relationships.  It will also give you an understanding of how to apply your communication skills in a variety of different situations, both formal and informal, with all types of personalities and will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on your how you communicate with others, both in the workplace and in personal and social settings.



Course Overview

Effective Communication Training

Course Outline

This course will help you to become a more inspirational and effective communicator. By understanding the importance of clear and focused written and verbal communication skills, delegates will be able to communicate with confidence and impact in a variety of workplace situations, ie. team meetings, interviews, presentations, performance reviews, networking events. They will understand the importance of “feedback” and the role behaviours and personalities play in relation to effectively communicating with others.

Suitability – Who should attend?

This course is targeted at any member of staff whose work depends on successful interaction with others and who want to maximise the impact their communication skills have on work based situations.  The course is also suitable for people who are looking to improve how they communicate and interact with others in a non-work related environment.

Course Content

–  Introduction to the Field of Communication

  • The importance of communication in today’s modern setting
  • The key elements and skills of communication
  • Telephone communication
  • Written communication – email etiquette
  • Maximising our communication skills in a variety of situations
  • What helps and hinders communication at an individual, team and organisational level
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Self presentation and self promotion

–  A Key Communication Skill – The Skill of “Feedback”

  • The importance of feedback to people and organisations
  • The types of feedback we receive in life
  • Structuring feedback
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively

–  Communicating Assertively

  • What assertive communication is and is not
  • How we should plan, structure and conduct assertive communication
  • Using assertive communication in a variety of situations

–  Communication to Different Personalities

  • The type of people and personalities we have to communicate with
  • Understanding as to how each type likes to communicate and be communicated with
  • Adapting our communication style to others

–  Employee Engagement

  • Holding successful and inspiring team meetings
  • Communicating with your immediate team
  • The importance of 1 to 1’s

Delegate Packs

On completion of the course, delegates will receive a delegate pack which includes:

  • Course workbooks,
  • Copies of slides
  • Contact phone number & email address where attendees can receive follow up consultation with the trainer when back in the workplace
  • Certificate of Attendance

Added Value

The course trainer will work with all delegates to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in the workplace.

Trainer Profile

Communication Skills training courseTom Courtney

Tom Courtney is a highly skilled and experienced Training & Development Specialist who has operated across all Industry Sectors over the last 27 years, delivering a comprehensive range of Training & Development interventions to a whole variety of Clients throughout the UK and internationally. He has extensive skills, knowledge and experience related to improving “individual”, “team” and “organisational” performance and takes pride in establishing and sustaining effective and enduring client relationships.

Tom achieves measurable results related to improved client and employee satisfaction by sharing his extensive business training acumen in line with the specific requirements identified by his client group. Some of his key achievements to date include:-

<p”>The Design, Development , Delivery & Evaluation of:

  • UK Oil Industries inaugural DTi Business to Business Mentoring Initiative through the Department of Trade and Industry
  • unique Price Waterhouse Management Programme in Azerbaijan
  • worldwide Project Management Programme for International Oil & Gas Offshore Vessel Logistics Organisation
  • worldwide Quality Management Programme for Major Oil Contractor
  • Level 5 Senior Management Development Programme for UK National Fire Service
  • “Training & Learning Skills” Programme for Fire and Rescue Service
  • North Scotland’s inaugural Head Teacher Management Development Programme

Tom was also responsible for obtaining the first Belbin Agency Licence in Scotland and achieving the first SQA in Education Business Partnership Activities. Tom has owned his own Consultancy Business for the last 9 years and has held Directorships and Non Executive Roles in a range of private and public sector organisations over the years. A trained Behavioural Analyst, his career has taken him throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, the Middle and Far East and he has appeared a number of times on TV as a guest presenter on Training and Development matters.

“The following statements outline some of the concerns delegates have expressed on my Communication Skills courses over the years”:

      • “I wish I could get people to listen to me”
      • “ No one seems to listen to what I have to say at team meetings”
      • “ I don’t seem to be able to get my message over to my team
      • “I sometimes feel undermined by certain team members and feel that I am not taken seriously as their line manager”
      • “On occasion I feel that my contributions and suggestions at senior meetings go unheard”

“I thrive on the opportunity of working with my delegates to help them overcome their Communication Skills concerns. Drawing on 25+ years of personal and professional global experience of working with a range of audiences, I help delegates to practically maximise the impact of their communication to a variety of people, on a range of differing occasions, giving them the confidence they need to make a real difference to how they are perceived by others within the workplace”

Tom Courtney

Course Trainer

Run in House

As well as being offered as a Public/Open Course, this course can also be delivered as an in-house programme, which can save your company both time and a significant amount of money.  It can be delivered exactly as shown in the course outline, or customised to include company- or industry-specific case studies and terminology.

Public/open courses are available in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester and in-house programmes are available across the UK.

Alternatively, Courtney Associates can develop an entirely bespoke programme to meet your organisational needs, delivered anywhere in the UK at no additional cost.  We provide a free consultation service for all of our in-house programmes.

Please contact us if you interested in this option and would like to receive a free, no obligation quote.

Course Costs

Credit Card / Paypal / Invoice and Voucher option available.

Special Discounts:
1-2 Delegates = £285.00 per delegate + VAT
3-4 Delegates = £230.00 per delegate + VAT
5+ Delegates = Please contact us for our “in-company” rates as this is the most cost-effective option.

Included As Standard

Course fees include lunch and refreshments throughout the day and a delegate pack which will include:

  • Course workbooks
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • Contact phone number and email address which will enable you to receive follow-up consultation with the trainer when back in the workplace
Added Value

Our courses represent true value for money and to ensure that we provide “added value”, the course trainer will work with you to create a practical and personal action plan that can be implemented back in the workplace.

A Masterclass in Effective Communication is available in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London.

If you would like more information on this course or to book this course please call
0800 158 8314 or email enquries@courtneyassociates.co.uk. You can also contact us via our website, please click here